Ivanka’s slow transformation to more healthy body

Meet Ivanka.
Abandoned soon after her birth because of her physical condition.

This little girl had to spend most of her life first in one orphanage, then in another.

Her frail body due to lack of proper care just got worse with age.

At 7 she looked like a very skinny toddler.

Ivanka’s picture was noticed by a kind woman through Facebook, who started searching for ways to help improve her life.

Since the doctor recommended using special formula Peptamen to help Ivanka improve her digestive system and help build up strength, Danielle, Ivanka’s new friend, agreed to try this method.

We have been giving special nutrition formula to Ivanka since October, as doctor recommended.

We were anxious at the beginning, since there were no results, as it seemed.
But now Ivanka has been growing in height, she has more strength and muscles, and her whole desposition seems to have changed.
She is smiling a lot more and more open to people.

It’s a joy to see the changes ourselves, and to hear the news from everyone, who surrounds Ivanka and can witness these changes – doctor, nurses, nannies at the orphanage and volunteers.

As of now Ivanka still needs to continue taking Peptamen, till the doctor sees that her body is strong enough to handle growth spurt on it’s own.

Praise the Lord!
Friends, if you could see, how we could, how Ivanka carried herself in the past, and how she looks and feels now, you would join us in this joy.
In the following video you can see her being curious about the contents of the bag I brought. It did have a present for her 🙂

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