Help Financially

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Here how you can help Financially:

1. Through PayPal/Credit Card

Step 1. Follow this LINK.
Step 2. State the Donation Purpose as “Ministry to the orphans, that need Peptamen.”
Step 3. If wish, send us the note, to follow through, if you want to donate to specific project.

2. If you decide to send a check, you can use this address:

Friends of Ukraine Attn for ‘Almaz’ Church:

Sam Tawney 2901 Alden Nash NE, Lowell, MI 49331.

Phone: 616-617-4502.

*Please note, that FOU donations are tax-deductible (offer taxes benefit).


Tell others about the need

The more people we can reach, the more help we can gather. Maybe, you don’t have the resources to help those in need, but you can tell others by sharing information.

  • Share our story in social network

    You don’t know whose heart can touch a specific need. Share our stories on social networks with your friends.

  • Forward our newsletter

    If you know someone who can be interested in our work, please, send them an email about our latest news.

  • Leave our information on information board

    Widen our reach by leaving our flyers or cards in the informational boards at your work or church or apartment building.


Become a volunteer

Time can be one of the most precious things that you can actually give. Become one of our volunteers today.

1. Come on trips

Visit the children and the widows by coming on trips with us. Read more about our TRIPS.

2. Help with the website

A lot of funding and new help was found through website sharing. We need people to help cover the events that happened on website and social networks. Help from your home!

3. Collect resources

For the most part, people want to share their clothes, candies, goods with those in need. We need coordinators, that can help gather the resources and send them to those in need.

Help a child or a widow personaly

Choose one child or a widow, and think about them as of your own.

1. Pray for one person daily

We believe, that we have to change one person’s life at a time. Become friends with one child or one widow, and pray for them daily.

2. Watch over them

Watch over one child or one widow over the distance. Make sure they are warm in their institutions, have enough clothes, medicine, food and so on. Visit them, write them letters.

3. Take them into your home

If God gives you a way, take one child or one widow in need into your home to stay and care for them.

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