“Don’t Waste Your Life” annual conference

Ministry to ministers

Annual Conference “Don’t Waste Your Life” – it’s a unique event in Ukrainian Christian life, because, people, that gather – are mostly young leaders and ministers, that go back to their churches and lead others throughout the year.

We have done

We have already held 5 conferences. The last one, in September 2018, gathered 1,600 participants with 1500 watching online translations from 10 countries.  90% of them were young people of 15 to 35 years of age.

We hope, that the conference will encourage Ukrainians to stay in their country and continue serving the Lord here instead of leaving in search of more peaceful living in more economically developed and politically stable countries.

The fee of the conference is 1/9th of the average salary and about ½ of student’s income. The fact, that so many Ukrainians are willing to do this, shows, that they see worth of the conference, the inspiration and teaching they receive actually means something for them.

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On the conference in 2018

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Why do we do this

We see that God is using these circumstances to change the hearts of young people.  And we do not want to loose the momentum, but help these young people to commit to the Great Commandment, so their hearts are seeking the eternal treasure and not the earthly material one.

Prayer requests

  • The team of volunteers. That volunteers will see, that God is working, that God would comfort those, who need comfort.
  • That people, who come with thoughts, how they are spending their life, that they will leave conference not just with emotions, but that God’s Word will transform their life in reality, and they would live their life serving the Lord faithfully and with joy.
  • People, leaders, who come and struggle, would find comfort
  • To influence the young generation of leaders
  • That God would bless us to find the best auditorium possible – at the moment the cost of rent is ¾ of the conference budget.
  • That many more people can come to the conference this September.
  • That God would give wisdom to all the organizers of the conference.

Material needs

  • $3000 to improve registration experience – people in Ukraine have trouble using electronic payments
  • Better website and social media involvement
  • To find finance for the coordinator of the conference, someone who can work on conference at least part-time throughout the year, not just as volunteers
  • Technical things- so that 2000 people could hear and see normally. Right now we rent most of the needed technical things (1/4 of the budget), if we could buy it for ourselves. (tents, supply for tea, etc), it would be such a blessing.
  • That we could sponsor all those, who can’t pay for themselves – the participation fee for 2 days is $20.

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