Friends of Ukraine

NGO “Friends of Ukraine” is a charitable organization
dedicated to help the following areas:

For 12 years, the Friends of Ukraine Charitable Foundation has been helping orphans, widows and people with disabilities in Ukraine. Today, in connection with the war, we see an urgent need to help civilians who have lost their homes, those who are now in the war zone, in bomb shelters, our courageous Armed Forces, the displaced.

We are expanding the front of our work, we will post news, so we ask you to join our cyber troops and repost our posts.

The NGO “Friends of Ukraine” wants to make sure that there is an easy, safe way to donate to the needs of people of Ukraine now and that finances find their recipients quickly.

We now offer two ways of donating money:

First WAY

The quickest way of donating for needs of Ukraine

1. Direct message me at +380938246142 or write to  indicating your email, first and last name and the amount you want to donate and the goal/recipient of the donation. (etc. ORPHANS or refugees or a specific person)

 2. We will send you a link to the payment, that can be made from any international card, including American / European bank / credit cards ONLINE. Payment is made in literally 2 clicks.

 3. The money will be credited to the international bank card of the “Friends of Ukraine Foundation” and will be transferred to the destination within 12 hours. Receipts for payments are provided.

The overall banks commission will be 3-4% depending on your bank.

Second WAY

Through NGO “Friends of Ukraine” Bank Account in the USA (takes up to two weeks).

– Through credit card/PayPal:

Follow the link ->

and enter any sum you wish and choose your donation purpose.
The bank commission will be 5% for PayPal.

– Through check:

Friends of Ukraine Attn for ‘Almaz’ Church:

Sam Tawney 2901 Alden Nash NE, Lowell, MI 49331.

Phone: 616-617-4502
When sending a check, please, mark as “orphans” or “Almaz”

*Note, that all FOU donations are tax-deductible (offer taxes benefit).

Thank you for your participation! May God bless you abundantly!

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