Family Support and Treatment Autism Center "Little Prince"

Our mission statement

Providing quality and professional support to children with autism and their parents by improving their quality of life, gaining new skills and abilities, teaching the family about the basics of interaction and mastering the techniques of different therapies and tell Gospel for people with disabilities, their families and professionals, who work with them.

About our Center

In our Center work 9 Christian specialists. We provide different services: individual therapies work with children, group work with children with ASD, camp for families with children with disabilities, seminars for specialists and parents, training courses for specialists, Christian counseling for parents, Christian counseling for children with autistic spectrum disorders.


Our team: psychologists, logopedists, speech therapists, kinesiologists.

Our experience and results

10 years work with children with autistic spectrum disorders.

121 children with ASD was prepared for group work in the school.

196 children with ASD was prepared for group work to the kindergarten.

20 summer camps for kids and teens with autism spectrum disorders in different cities (Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Uzhgorod, Kryvy Rih, Skadovsk, Pushcha Voditsa, etc.).

355 families visited camps.

358 children received professional assistance in this camps.

Providing 23 workshops for specialists and parents of children with special needs, which visited about 1,400 people.

5 years we provide training course “Psychological and pedagogical support of children with autism spectrum disoders“ for specialists in the different cities (Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Kharkiv, Boryspil, Trypillya, Gorynshni Plavnya, etc.)


Aleksandr Kovbasyuk teaching workouts

2018-11-18 14.19.12

Aleksandr Kovbasyuk with a child in Crossroad camp


Participation in different projects, which aimed to  incorporating children with ASD into educational space:

The project “Integration of children with autism into society “Step by Step “

The project supported by the US Embassy’s Democracy Facility in Ukraine “Education of Children with Autism: From Myth to Reality”

We provide Christian counseling for parents of children with disabilities for 4 years

Christian counseling for children with autism spectrum disorders and lessons of Christian anthropology for children we provide from 2016 year till now.

Plans and Needs

In 2019-2022 we plan to develop Christian influence from different sphere and different ways of our work, but we have some problems to do this.


Now we rent apartment on the first floor with 3 rooms, but we don’t have the room for Christian counseling and now provide this sometimes in different places. Also we don’t have some places where parents can be together with child or without them. When parents wait for their child we can provide some workshops for them. Now we pay 700 dollars per month. For all our services pay parents, if they pay more – it will be a lot for them. So, we need 700 dollars more per month for rent biggest apartment. It will be 8400 dollars per years.


2. Camps

Every future summer we want to organize and provide Christian camp for nonbeliever people with ASD and their families. For many families this camp cost a lot. You can help and donate for:

Our needs It costs in dollars
The Camp for 5 days for 40 families cost 27450
You can help visit this camp for 1 family or more 650
Cristian counseling by 3 counselors and other 10 special workshops by different specialist for parents could be free 4200
Providing different therapy for children with ASD by 6 specialists 5880
Equipment / Materials 1400
Transport 1330


3.Personal sponsoring

You can help to attending the therapy classes for children with ASD who can’t pay for all classes which they need.

  • Valera Mozolevsky 10 years- $170 for 14 lessons per one month
  • Twins Ivan and Misha Lavrishchenko 6 years – $340  for 24 lessons per one month
  • Petya Volynets  10 years – $170 for two weeks of intensive classes
  • Ivan Reva 11 years –  $170 for two weeks of intensive classes
  • Timothy 9 years and Matthew Kuleshov 7 years – $340  for 24 lessons per one month
  • Twins Nazar and Artem Sergachiov 5 years – $400 daily classes for a month
  • Sergei Levchuk 6 years – $170 for 14 lessons per one month

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