Dentistry in Orphanages


Vika is getting treatment

Problems with teeth

Most of the children in the orphanages have problems with their teeth. Usually non of them have never had their teeth cured during their whole life. Children suffer from the toothache.

Solution Description

There is a ministry of dentists in Ukraine headed by Stepan Terletskyi. They have a transportable dentist cabinet, and specialize on curing teeth to the needy children in the orphanages. This ministry volunteers are opened to the further cooperation with the Foundation “Friends of Ukraine” and its guided the orphanages.


Volodya ready for dental treatment

Previous Experience

September, 10th -12th we’ve started first dentist project in the orphanage for children with disabilities in Zaluchchia, Ivano-Frankivska region,Ukraine. 130 children have received treatment. Everyone has stayed in satisfying health condition.


Children from 3 orphanages which are guided by the Foundation “Friends of Ukraine” need in teeth diagnostics and treatment at least 1 time a year.


Plans for providing teeth treatment:

To the end of 2022 we are planning to organize such 12 dentist trips. 4 of which already took place.


Ihor with dentists and Nadya



Testimony of Yana and Dima

Vova's testimony_Teeth do not hurt any more 2018

Dental Ministry. Zaluchchya Orphanage. 2019

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