Home for You in Romanov

Specific feature of the orphanage in Romanov

An orphanage in Romanov is a special institution for boys with disabilities. A lot of them are rather healthy, and can be taught, mentored and educated well. However State and orphanage authorities do not find enough efforts and human resources to fulfill this not easy task.

Our volunteers come to the orphanage once in 3 months and spend there only 1 day in communication with those boys, playing, teaching them, providing workshops etc. This is next to nothing in the influence volunteers could have on the boys.

To increase this influence volunteers need to stay longer in the orphanage.


Boy learns kitchen appliances


Boy learns to cook

Building a Guest House

Romanov orphanage has a unique situation as it has big free territory and its own boiler-house. This makes easier to build new constructions on the territory of the orphanage.

To make Romanov orphanage more attractive for the long stay for more volunteers “Friends of Ukraine” have developed a project “Home for you”. It is a house divided into 2 parts. One of them is designed for elder boys who can live there permanently. The second part will be a guest house for coming volunteers.

It will be a 2-floor house. Each part of the house will contain 4 rooms (2 rooms on every floor) for 4 people. It will be of hostel type with 2-floor beds. The guest part will have bathrooms on every floor, and the part for boys one room bathroom for 4 rooms.

The building can be built from so cold light constructions which are very easy in erection.


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