Swimming Pool in Zaluchchya


There is a swimming-pool in the orphanage of Zaluchchya (Ivano-Frankivsk region) which was built several years ago due to the election campaign in the country. As there was no funding to cover utility bills (for water heating and light), the swimming pool stood idle for several years.

In 2013 by efforts of caring people, the pool started functioning, and children had an opportunity to undergo rehabilitation in the swimming pool twice a day with an experienced team of recreation therapists, which greatly increased their chance to live a more fulfilling life in the future.

However, there were enough money only for 6 months of the swimming pool work. Even though training in the pool has led to incredible results for children’s health improvement.

Recreation therapists had developed series of exercises which were carried out twice a day for 3 hours in the morning and in the evening. Many children, divided into groups, had an opportunity to practice in the pool. We paid special attention to several children who showd great promise to make great progress in rehabilitation soon, they were Dima and Dasha. Dima is already adopted now, and Dasha is waiting for the documents of adoption. Soon she’ll meet her new parents.

It should be noted that the pool itself is made in accordance with all modern requirements and standards available for Ukrainian pools aimed on rehabilitation of children with serious illnesses. This pool is the most suitable for these children in Zaluchchya orphanage, so we are especially interested to use it as a resource for rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation specialists state that children need the pool a lot, because during these exercises in water they can get the necessary set of exercises and stimulation that they cannot get during rehabilitation procedures in the room.

Swimming pool Zaluchie

Swiming Pool in Zaluchcha


Now due to the lack of finances, the pool isn’t working. Thus we need to collect one thousand dollars a month to cover the costs of gas, water and detergents, so the children will have an opportunity to undergo further rehabilitation in the pool required.

If you could support the pool for children with serious illnesses in Zaluchchya orphanage, or you might know someone who would be able to help, please let me know as soon as possible.

Even the smallest sum of money can give children an opportunity to continue their rehabilitation in the pool!

Let’s make it happen and bring hope to the children!

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