Peptamen weight results

How we keep watch over how our resources are used in orphanage

1) calculation (forecasting) – we send a different number and count, how much should be enough, then check with reality;

2) we get the table of issue that the nurses sign, when and how much was issued, this is an official document in Znamenka and Zaluchye. They do this on the instructions of the doctor, and a similar scheme to how the medication prescribed by the doctors is issued by a nurse.

3) we question the personnel and volunteers, how the process goes, whether they see kids receive Peptamen

4) make regular travel checks, see where and how to store, how many cans are given out

5) make unexpected visits-checks, so that they can not prepare.

6) receive acts of receipt from the orphanage

7) monitor the control of weight and height, as a basis to monitor the use of nutrition.