Mentoring for Orphans

“The biggest problem of orphans is the problem of loneliness. From an early age they are left alone with difficult life issues, in solving which they need the help of an adult. An older friend is a person who will be close to a child in difficulties, joys, feelings and victories! “

Aleksandra Furmanchuk

Our goals

The main objectives of the mentoring:

  • Preparing for an independent life
  • Spiritual formation
  • Socialization
  • Tuition assistance
  • Career guidance
  • Adaptation in society after graduation

Tasks this year:

  • Prepare 30 mentors, train and register in the official state program to obtain certain right to play a role in a life of children
  • To pair every child with mentor
  • Create an individual work plan for each pair
  • Creating a support group for mentors in regular meeting format
  • Creation and strengthening of the team. Team training
Mentor Sergey with Artem

We done

What we have already done:

  • Created a team of 6 dedicated believing volunteers who are burning with ministry to orphans
  • Prepared 1 certified trainer for mentors on the state program
  • Established interaction with friendly relations with a public organization One hope, which specializes in mentoring in Ukraine
  • Established communication with the social services of Kiev
  • Established communication and friendly relations with the leadership of the Kiev Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation No. 1 for orphans and children deprived of parental care
  • Launched an ad campaign inside the local “Almaz” church to search for mentors
  • Participated in a group of potential mentors in the number of 20 people in the information seminar from One Hope
  • Started launching training for 17 tutors
  • Picked up 1 pair, made a plan of individual work for this pair
Sasha received a certificate of mentorship

Art classes in the orphanage

Mentoring courses

Almaz church team on courses

Fair of Professions for orphans

Our Plans

What we want to accomplish:

Take on the support of the Coordinator of the Mentoring project (full time) to perform the following functions:
  • Team coordination
  • Mentor training
  • Conducting trainings for the team
  • Writing an Individual Plan for Mentor-Child Couples
  • Accompanying pairs of mentor-child in the implementation of an individual plan
Take on the support of the administrator (part-time) to perform such functions:
  • Maintaining mentors in the preparation of mentoring documents
  • Organization of events for mentors
  • Organization of trainings for mentors and teams
  • Administration
To promote the growth of each team member through training in the following areas:
  • The specifics of working with orphans and children from crisis families
  • Caring for children’s souls and providing psychological help to children
  • Mutual selection and pair management mentor-child
  • Socialization and vocational guidance of children
  • Strategic planning
  • The professional growth of each, according to his individuality and responsibilities
Train and train 30 mentors:
  • Search for mentors
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents
  • Carrying out 4-day training
  • Holding additional seminars
 Organize such events for mentors:
  • Monthly support group meetings (12 meetings)
  • Festive events for mentors and their wards
  • Orphanage Conference
Implement an individual plan in the following areas:
  • Socialization of the child, to help the child acquire the skills to interact with society
  • Tuition, tutoring
  • Help in choosing a profession
  • Developing a child’s potential in a specific area, additional courses
  • Organization of joint leisure
  • Organization of recreation for the child

We need

We need financial support:

Position 1 month 1 year
1 Project-manager support (full time) 1000$ 12000$
2 Admin support (part-time) 400$ 4800$
3 Team training (1 time in 3 months) 200$ 2400$
4 Mentor training (monthly) 120$ 1440 $
5 Organization of monthly meetings for mentors 50$ 600$
6 Conducting a festive event for mentors and their wards 1500$
7 Conference organization on orphanhood 2000$
8 Implementation of an individual plan with children 750$ 9000$
9 Administrative expenses 300$ 3600$
Project coordinator support (full time) 10%
Admin support (part-time) 5%
Team training 0%
Mentor training 0%
Organization of monthly meetings for mentors 0%
Conducting a festive event for mentors and their wards 5%
Conference organization on orphanhood 0%
Implementation of an individual plan with children 0%
Administrative expenses 0%

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