Almaz Children's Ministry

Almaz children’s ministry currently unites more than 160 children and 100 volunteers. the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Psalm 78:6-7
2018-11-18 14.19.12

Aleksandr Kovbasyuk with a child


Raising a God-admiring generation, that worships God, is dedicated to the Bible, building a church, preaching the gospel to the world.


To cultivate trusted to us children in the church, in the knowledge of God, in joyful worship of His greatness under the guidance of the Bible, leading children to the same kind of worship.


Deliver the message of God and the will for their lives to children in a form accessible to their age, discuss the will of God with the children and urge to voluntarily and joyfully submit to it.

Work methods

We hold 52 children’s meetings per year for 6 age groups from 0 to 12 years.

Qualities we teach

For each group, lessons have been developed that are designed to influence the children agree with our mission and form the following qualities in them:

  • respect for the Bible as the word of God, the skill of working with the text of Scripture
  • knowledge of the biblical way of salvation
  • biblical literacy, knowledge of church catechism
  • familiarity with the faith of parents and participation in the life of the church
  • communication skills required for evangelism and mentoring
  • the skill of serving the neighbor
  • the prevention of modern false doctrines such as humanism, materialism, postmodernism, evolutionary theory, etc.

Children’s ministry is performed by volunteers who love God and children and constantly improving their biblical and pedagogical skills through the training system created in the children’s ministry of the Almaz church.


Current needs

Seat cushions for children of 1,5-5 years old

During classes in younger groups kids sit on the rug. It will be more comfortable and warmer for kids when each of them has such a seat cushion.
Cushion price – $3 (each)
Total quantity – 40 cushions

 Clipboards for drawing for kids of 1,5-5 years old

During classes kids paint the coloring book, draw, look at the pictures. Now it is done on the floor or on the book. It will be much more comfortable for kids to use clipboards for it.
Clipboard price – $2 (each)
Total quantity – 40 clipboards

Chaise longue for a newborn and developing mat

For a room for children 0-1,5 years for games, sleep and lessons.
1 group cares about kids 0-1,5 years. During the lessons kids play, learn to obey, learn to remain without a mother, learn to pray and play, communicate with other children.
Developing mat and chaise longue for a newborn will make children’s time more diverse
Price of the mat $40-70
The price of a chaise longue $50-100

Bactericidal recirculator

The device for cleaning and disinfection of air in children’s rooms
With the help of a special ozone-free lamp bactericidal recirculator removes bacteria, viruses, fungus and other harmful microorganisms in the room. Can be used indoors in the presence of people. The device will reduce the transmission of infections between children in Sunday school.
The price of 1 device is $100
We need at least 3 devices for 3 lower grades

Book for the little ones

For lessons with children 0-1,5 years and 1,5-3 years we would like to order from some masters soft and functional books with biblical stories:
World creation,
Noah’s Ark,
David and Goliath,
The Tower of Babel,
Good shepherd and others
The price of 1 book is $30

Bluetooth speakers for music

For musical glorification, moving games, musical accompaniment of lessons.
The Bluetooth speakers is easy to use. The teacher can turn on the music directly from his phone, without attracting a separate attendant, and additional equipment.

Puzzles mats – 12 pieces

Puzzles mats are easy to assemble and disassemble, need little space in the warehouse, easy to clean.
It is  very warm and comfortable to play and learn on them. Bright colors allow you to create in a boring conference room the territory of childhood.
We already use such rugs in two groups. There is a need to buy them for one more group
Price of a set of 12 pieces – $120

Drum set for kids

In future we plan to create for children’s ministry a music band for children and adolescents to participate. We already have a guitar and electronic piano keyboard. Now we want to buy a drum set.
Price from $500

A laptop

For the work of coordinator of children’s ministry and conducting lessons for children 10-12 years old we need a modern laptop with a diagonal of 15 “
Price from $500


For illustrations on the lesson for children 10-12 years old we need a projector
Price $800-1000

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