Retirement Home Kamen


Retirement home “Kamen” (located in the village Kamen, Zhytomyrska region, central Ukraine), currently is a home to close 30 elderly men and women. 7 of them are not able to get out of their beds at all. Most of them have relatives that were not able to or didn’t want to care for their elderly parents and relatives, and have send them to this retirement home. They receive pension from the government and most of it is handled by the administration of the retirement home, though, a small percentage is given to the inhabitants every month.

Physical Needs

Apart from fulfilling the home’s spiritual needs, we constantly work together with the administration to try to cover all the needs of the retirement home, that are not sponsored by the government, and that people really need.

Kamen washing machines 2

Setting up new oven


Spiritual Needs

The inhabitants of the retirement home are incredibly lonely. Many of them hopelessly await for their relatives to come and visit them. They are oftentimes filled with bitterness, and it’s hard for them to believe in God’s love.

By coming and visiting them, we can show that God loves them and remembers them, and be just instruments in God’s loving hand.

The one-day trips

Almaz church has been organizing trips and supporting this home for more than 6 years. Every 2-3 months a group of volunteers comes here to visit the people, help them with buying some necessities, encourage the personnel and, of course be Christ’s loving hands in this and share the Gospel.


Team of volunteers in the trip


Need of Salvation

On the trip we first hold a meeting in the common auditorium, where half of the residents gather, and we sing songs for them, talk about us, and, shared our testimonials and Gospel. Afterward, we divide into pairs and visit each of the rooms, to talk more deeply with each person, to get to know their story and to tell them about Christ.

The ‘grandmas and grandpas” – as we affectionately call them- understand in many cases, that they will die very soon. What comes next is a very actual question for them. And, though many want to live eternal life in Heaven, they are not ready to admit they are sinners and to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Video reports

How you can help Kamen

Write a letter to lonely men and women, who have been forgotten by everyone

Pray for salvation of the personnel, many of whom are very open to hear Gospel

Choose one particular old lady or gentleman to pray and care for

Send a small package with gifts – shampoo, new scarf, etc.

If you can’t go yourself, help cover other’s transportation costs

Pay for the Bibles with big letters for old people at Kamen

Upload and send good movies for Kamen to watch

Go on a trip to visit Kamen yourself and your family

Donate money for needed medical supplies

Help us fund reconstruction of Kamen

Pray for the salvation of these men and women

Tell others about the needs of Kamen

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