Education for child

Why do we do this

Every child in Ukraine have right to receive education. But unfortunately, State authorities do not provide education to the children who have diagnoses as retarded, deeply retarded, Cerebral palsy and so on. Some volunteers come to the orphanages to teach them elementary level. However, there are only few of such volunteers.

Absence of education is a huge problem in the orphanages for disabled children, as they loose any possibility to learn how they can help themselves in their elementary needs as well as develop their brain. As a result their brain and health only lapse instead of improving.

Foundation “Friends of Ukraine” is planning to create and bring into life a project “Education for every child” in the orphanages for children with disabilities. Now this project is in the first steps of its development, but if you want to know more about this press Subscribe to receive our news on how it is developing.

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