“Within the walls of the institution, children are faced with idleness, which is caused by a lack of quality leisure. A visit to the orphans is aimed at organizing a varied pastime with children. When communicating with children, we promote their development and recreation”

Aleksandra Furmanchuk

Our goals

The main objectives of the visits:

  • Building friendships with children
  • Staff care
  • Organization of useful leisure: developing activities, clubs
  • Recreation for children

Tasks for 2019:

  • Starting the work of circles in different directions
  • Organization of the Children’s Bible Club
  • Organization of monthly meetings
  • Celebrations
  • Creation and strengthening of the team

The girls prepare the baking

We done

What we have already done:

  • Established communication and friendly relations with the leadership of the Kiev Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation No. 1 for orphans and children deprived of parental care
  • We held the first monthly event on the professional guidance of children, to help them choose a career for the future
  • Began organizing a course on IT technologies

Team of organizers and volunteers

Photo gallery:

Impressions after a visit to an orphanage:

Our Plans

What we want to accomplish in 2019:

1. Take on the support of the project coordinator to perform such functions:
  • Team coordination
  • Organization of events
  • Coordination and organization of educational groups
  • Coordinating the work of the Children’s Bible Club
  • Communication with the administration
2. Organization of 5 educational groups:
  • IT course
  • Arts course
  • English course
  • Handwork course
  • Dance club
3. Organize the work of the weekly Children’s Bible Club:
    • Create a team of volunteers
    • Writing a program and plan for the year
    • Holding weekly meetings
4. Organize monthly meetings (12 meetings) in the following formats:
  • Picnic
  • Outing for excursion
  • Quest
  • Fair
5. Hold 4 holiday events:
    • Christmas
    • Easter
    • Knowledge Day
    • Children’s Day

We need

We need financial support:

Position 1 month 1 year
1 Support of the project coordinator (part-time) 400$ 4800$
2 Organization of five groups 250$ 3000$
3 Weekly Children’s Bible Club Meetings 150$ 1800$
4 Organization of monthly meetings and outings (12 meetings) 200$ 2400$
5 Conducting four festive celebrations 2000$
9 Administrative expenses 300$ 3600$
Support of the project coordinator (part-time) 5%
Organization of five groups 0%
Weekly Children's Bible Club Meetings 0%
Organization of monthly meetings and outings (12 meetings) 5%
Conducting four festive celebrations 5%
Administrative expenses 0%

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