The ministry of fund "Friends of Ukraine" has a goal to obey God and His Word as the basis of its



God’s will is clear from the Scriptures:
“Pure and faultless religion that God accepts is to look after orphans in their distress, to visit them, to adopt them and to promote their adoption. Especially we are called to help those who are in grief and sorrow, who suffer and are being despised. This is true Christianity and religion that is pleasing to the Lord.”


Ministry of “Friends of Ukraine” wants to become the real answer to all the problems and needs for people in Ukraine, with the special emphasis on the ministry for orphans, widows, ministry to ministers and sharing of Gospel in Ukraine.
Our main directions of ministry are: Orphans, ministry to ministers, mission, Christian education, ministry to poor and suffering.


List of our volunteers

We have close to 70 volunteers, that go regularly to mission trips to our 4 main directions – Orphanages in Znamenka, Zaluchie and Romanov, and retirement home in Kamen. Join our team today!

Oleksandr Skrypak

Pastor Evangelical Church «Almaz»
CEO «Friends of Ukraine»

Yaroslav Lisnichenko
Yaroslav Lisnichenko

Transportation Coordinator
«Friends of Ukraine»

Nadya Murzina

Executive Director
NGO «Friends of Ukraine»

Tanya Narushyna

Head Coordinator for Orphans with Disabilities Projects
NGO «Friends of Ukraine»

Aleksandra Furmanchuk

Head Coordinator for Orphans Projects
NGO «Friends of Ukraine»

Vitalik Bilanchuk

Audit Committee
Almaz Ministry Coordinator

Sveta Bilanchuk

Coordinator of Ministry to Suffering
NGO «Friends of Ukraine»

Valek Ivanov
Valentin Ivanov

Audit Committee
Nursing Home Ministry Coordinator

Yulya Bibikova

Board of Directors

Yarmak Daniel
Daniel Yarmak

Board of Directors
PM «Friends of Ukraine»

Natalya Matzarskaya
Natalia Matsarskaya

Head Accountant
NGO «Friends of Ukraine»