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Bible School has a great role in fulfilling Great Commission of Christ. This is the place where our students learn the doctrine and theology even though most of them have no religious background. The school gives them an opportunity to build a Biblical foundation of their faith and spiritual growth that has a strong influence on their practical life and ministry.

Our goal

We want God to bless our student with a lot of patience. We want them to study and not to give up. From the other hand we want to improve the quality of the teaching and we want our teachers to be qualified. They need not only to deliver their message but to do it in an easy, interesting form sharing their own experience. They have to introduce God to the students in a way to make them follow Him to the end of life. This is our challenge. It takes diligent daily work of all the servants. All of them are volunteers and it is somewhat uneasy because you never know what their life circumstances can be and if you can rely on them every time.

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Sutudents on lection


We have at least 100 or more committed students in the program. People came from 11 different cities in Ukraine, and also from Georgia, for the trainings. Our goal for those four months was to inspire the participants to live a more evangelistic style of life, in which they would clearly and purely the Gospel.

Our attempts to reform the church’s evangelism inspire many other churches, whose members were attending the program, who watched the trainings online, or who are still watching the recordings. We received a lot of testimonies that confirmed that we are on the right path, and the indeed, this material is very relevant for Slavic churches.

Unfortunately, a lot of good western materials were not and can not help our participants overcome many cultural elements of Slavic culture.

What hardships do you expect to meet in 2019?

Nikolay Skopich is teaching


It is easy to teach, but hard to change a person’s heart. It is easy to pass on information: what is the gospel…what’s the best way to share it…how to overcome problems along the way….and how to make it your style of life. But we’ve found that it is very hard to transform this knowledge into real, practical care for non-believers.

From September until the end of the year, we spent most of our time refining the program to incorporate new material and create a new atmosphere for the program that would result in a our participants making a long term commitment to focus to an evangelistic style of life. Our idea is to create a place that participants could join any time, and be around evangelistically minded people, and therefore become imitators, developing a heart and desire to care for non-believers.

Our dream

We allow people to come with different views and denominations and to learn good sound teaching, what school believes in.
Our Dream – that people would use those systemized believes and this will transform their everyday lives – Love to God, Love for Bible, it would become the reality of their life, regularity of their Bible-centered life.


– that God would bless, that apart from theoretical understanding of Bible, people could grow in their relationship with God, form correct understanding of His character.
– How to become spiritually strong, how to grow in strength in God and move from one level of spiritual growth to another.

– To open faculties to address different group of people – women, children, to be able to make sharing of Gospel easier for people
– we would have resources for every-day keeping up of the school.
– More people (volunteers)  need to be inspired on regular basis.
Stable team of teachers, that they would work on the quality of teaching, not just one person, but a team. That they would be dedicated to growing as teachers, to be able to spend quality time preparing, in order to explain complicated truths in easy way
To make school self-sufficient

Material Needs

We hold monthly sessions throughout this time, church supports it a bit, but mostly the school survives through volunteers and payments of students (equipment, books, training materials).
Students dedicate money and time hoping to grow and to in the foundations of their faith

God would provide with funds for the director, who could transform these courses, using already created material.
Funds for the coordinator, that will be able to grow school on regular basis;
Equipment – right now we borrow from church, we have to move it all the time,
Finances for the site, to make it work on the minimum level, to help grow the influence of school.

We really need to have tables for the sessions, it would improve the learning process.
Sponsor those students, who can’t pay yearly fee – $80 per person.

Financial needs:

1. We have school sessions 9 times a year, the whole day Saturday. Besides there are 4 training seminars a year. We work hard but have an old and worn equipment and often it becomes an obstacle to professional teaching and preaching.We need to replace and renovate it.

To replace and renovate equipment we need $4 300-$9 800

2. Also there is another issue with the tables for the students. Because of the lack of funding we cannot rent tables and students have to keep their books, Bibles and laptops in their hands.

To rent tables for a year we need $1 800

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