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Main children’s need

One of the main needs children in the orphanages have are care and love. They could be satisfied by means of more often visits of volunteers, especially Christians. All orphanages, which are in the guardianship of the “Friends of Ukraine” Foundation, are located rather far from Kyiv (Zaluchchia – 540 km, Znamenka – 300 km, Romanov – 300 km). Dependence on the public transport makes often visits of volunteers to the orphanages harder. Furthermore, it becomes impossible to take large equipment and presents to the orphanages.

Outreaches to the orphanages

While coming to the orphanages we become friends with children, tell them Gospel, bring them small presents, and try to show them that there is somebody in this World who care about them.

Usually the program of our outreaches include the following:

  • Communication with children
  • Games
  •  Culinary, creative workshops
  •  Bible studies
  •  Bible stories telling and drama performance
  •  Worship songs
  •  Praying
  •  Communication with personal and administration

Team of volunteers goes to Zaluchia

Team of volunteers goes to Znamenka

Finances on outreaches

Teams of volunteers visit one of 3 orphanages once a month. It means that there are at least 12 outreach visits per year. These are the expenses spent on trips.

Trips for children

Furthermore, there is another problem in the orphanages where children with disabilities live. They very rare spend time on the fresh air. Not even saying about outings to the parks, lakes and so on. Only due to volunteers such trips sometimes take place.

For example, “Friends of Ukraine” volunteers have taken children to the park in Znamienka, and spend wonderful time with their.

Unfortunately, such trips become hard to realize because of hardships of children’s transportation. Buses should be organized in a way applicable for disabled children.

“Happy Bus”

That is why the Foundation has developed such a project as “Happy Bus”. It should be a bus for 30-35 places, with the place for baggage, with a restroom, comfortable disabled-friendly seats and seatbelts.

During the time between trips the bus will serve like a storage for the equipment volunteers own and bring to the orphanages to organize games, drama, workshops etc.

Additionally, we’ll need to pay for the place where the bus will stay between trips, and to pay a driver.

Buying a bus will help:

1. Volunteers to come more often to the orphanages.

2. To bring children to the trips to the parks, lakes, rivers, forest, mountains – they remember those moment for years. Some of children tell for years how they’ve once were at a seaside to volunteers every time they come.

3. To bring interesting equipment to different orphanages to make interaction with children more fun and useful.


Renting a bus to take kids to amusement park from the orphanage in Znamenka

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