Trade Fair And Autumn Picnic

These weekends our team had a visit to a center in Kyiv for children from dysfunctional families and orphans. 

We’ve had a special goal. We’ve wanted to show teenagers and children that there are different professional paths in life, to help them in learning themselves better and start realizing what job will fit them in future.

The official program started with the quest game. Such a game not only allowed children to have fun, but also understand better their own talents and skills. As well the team had an opportunity to know children more, to interact with them, as we were part of their teams.

In the afternoon workshops for children were held. All the workshops were like an introduction to one profession. Children in an orphanage hardly understand what they can do in future. So we want to help them in choosing there professional path.

The Apogee of the day in the orphanage was picnic. The children were so happy! A lot of them said it was wonderful day. Bonfire, hot dogs, presents, music, lots of communication, hugs…

A lot of children need family or at list a mentor, elder brother. Please, pray for them to find God, family, good friends.

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