Artem’s birthday

Recently a new boy has started to attend Almaz church. His name is Artem. He is 17 years old. He is an orphan. Big part of his life

Artem has spent in an orphanage. Now he studies floristry at college, and lives in the dormitory.


Unfortunately, orphanages in Ukraine do not help do develop a lot of living habits. That is why Artem needs caring elder friends who will help them to adapt to the real World. One of such friends who has become Artem’s mentor is Sergei from our Almaz Church.

Last week was Artem’s birthday. Brothers and sisters from the small group which Artem attends decide

d to make for him real celebration – first in his life!

Please, pray for Artem, for his health, as he has some problems, for his character, studies, and desire to give his life to Jesus.


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  1. Anya

    This is great! I’m glad Sergei is helping this guy!

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