Surgery needs for Denis Tereshchuk

Surgery needs for Denis Tereshchuk

Denis Tereshchuk is a lovable 12-year old boy from a family of five in a little Ukrainian town.

He is diagnosed with an awful illness and we are collecting finances to help fund his surgery in Germany.

History of Illness

Denis with mother and siblings

Denis was born with congenital intestinal defect. All these years everything was well.

Lately, the disease reemerged and progressed, a gradual one-by-one unfinished bowel movement, a generalized erytania of the colon and small intestine, acute intestinal obstruction, swirling of the colon and small intestine, secondary thrombosis of mesenteric vessels, serous hemorrhagic peritonitis, subtotal intestinal necrosis, multiple organ failure.
The intestine died away slowly (necrosis) and was removed it by parts, and he washed away further … until all was removed. If there were even a couple cm left, then you can build up. Those kind of surgeries are successful in Italy, Germany.


Present day situation

In Ukraine transplant surgeries are not done. In the whole world, around 500 such surgeries have been done, they have been practiced for the last 5 years, and this is very small number.
In Germany, recently, have successfully carried out an identical transfer to the boy. He has passed rehabilitated. All is well. We turned to the same clinic, they are willing to operate our boy.

The only problem is lack of money, even if the parents sold everything they have (keep in mind, parents are also parents of two more children – a 5-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl), they still will have only about one percent of the needed sum.

Denis is currently in Kiev hospital. He should then be transported to Germany.
Each of you has done a lot for Denis, and we are grateful to everyone.

We will support Denis with further funds, sharing of information and, most importantly, prayer.

And let the Lord protect everyone.

What has already been done

The total amount we have collect for surgery and further rehabilitation is from $320 000 to $340 000. We have already collected $25 000.

How to help Denis

You can help Denis three ways:

  1. Financially.1) International online donations through credit card/paypal can be done here —— In the “Donation Purpose” write the following “Surgery for Denis” ——*Note, that donations made through our Foundation are tax deductible. (Offer taxes benefit).*Please, drop us a line at if you make a donation, to help identify the made donation faster.2) The checks can be sent here: Friends of Ukraine Attn: Dan Yeomans 977 Ada Place Dr. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Phone: 616.954.20003) In Ukraine, money can be transferred to PrivatBank cards 4149 4996 4377 4431 Tereshchuk Marina Alexandrovna, 5168 7554 2124 8705 Tereshchuk Yury Alexandrovich.Here is a report on all the finances gathered for the surgery of Denis Tereshchuk.
  2. Pray for Denis.
  3. Share the information with others.
  4. You can post this page in your social networks and share with others.
    Also, you can follow daily updates in the Facebook group about Denis.

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