Supported living home “MyroDim”

Our Vission

We believe in a world where anyone with a learning disability can live within their community with all the choice and support they need to live the best life possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for the people we support.

Our Dream

We dream of integrating children with disabilities into society, showing them God’s love and purpose for them, helping them find a job and have the highest quality of life possible for them.

As of 2015, according to the reports of the heads of institutions, 91410 out of 99915 children brought up in institutions have various developmental or health disorders.
These are children with intellectual disabilities, hearing, vision, speech impairment, psychoneurological diseases and more. As of 2020, there are 17,258 children with disabilities in Ukraine (18%) in institutions of which 2046 are children with severe disabilities (2%)

10,000 of kids with special needs will stay in the boarding school forever, or after 35 years they will be transferred to neurological institutions and nursing homes.
Every child is dear in the eyes of God and has the right to feel loved.

We are building house of supported residence “MyroDim” where they will be able to live in the society, not limited limited by a fence, learn literacy and crafts, receive medical and social care, complete a course of social adaptation, receive and learn from one another to provide spiritual, emotional and physical support.

We have support of pastors and the church community, a team of like-minded people who perceive this work as a mission, plot of land with buildings, working shed, garage and a room, house…

A family from Almaz church donated a piece of land – almost an acre just outside Kyiv (capital of Ukraine) for our ministry. After much prayers we see that God wants us to  use it in a new sphere in Ukraine – building assisted living homes. In Ukraine fate of orphans with special needs is very tragic – at the age of 35, even with minor disabilities they get transferred to awful institutions for elderly with special needs.

We dream of integrating them into society, showing them God’s love and purpose for them, helping them find a job and have the highest quality of life possible for them.
We will tell you more about this home in the next newsletter, some preview, of what already has been happening.
Ukraine is going through what USA has been going through 30-40 years ago, when group homes were just starting and big institutions were closing down, and we believe that church should be at forefront of this, pioneers in this sphere in Ukraine, and we need your prayers so much.
We are very thankful of this opportunity, because

Construction began

What we dream for stage I

The link contains renders of the house reconstruction and more

What we have

The link contains information about what we have

What we doing

The link contains information on what we are working on

What we've done

The link contains information about the work performed

We need close to $46000 to reconstruct the land and the house, so the kids could start living there.

House of supported residence “MyroDim” – is a place, where the orphans with special needs will be able to live in the society, not limited limited by a fence

  • learn literacy and trade
  • receive medical and social care
  • complete a course of social adaptation
  • receive and learn from one another to provide spiritual, emotional and physical support

What is needed?

  • house renovation
  • furniture
  • equipment for occupants to have a job
  • medical and household equipment
  • build housing for residents and staff
  • assistants-volunteers
  • physicians and psychologists
  • masters of industrial training
  • rehabilitation specialists and masseurs
  • social workers
  • and most importantly, your dedicated prayer support


Come help us build in the spring!
Become part of the transformation of system in Ukraine!

What do we have as of now?

  • support of pastors and the church community
  • a team of like-minded people who perceive this work as a mission
  • plot of land with buildings
  • working shed
  • garage and a room
  • house

We are passionate about what we do, and use our unique understanding of the challenges facing the people we support to speak up with them to bring about positive change.


To provide high quality care and support through the provision of individualised care and support packages within our residential and supported living services (specialised and ordinary accommodation settings).

  • Our aim is to enable, facilitate, support and guide individuals towards a rewarding life within the community for as long as their abilities allow them.
  • Our aim is to enable and achieve the best outcomes for individuals.
  • We place the rights of those in our care at the forefront of our philosophy of care/support.
  • Individuals can say what they expect and need from our service


The aim of our services is to enhance the quality of life and well-being of our service users, enable and achieve the best outcomes, provide good value for money for our purchasers, and ensure effective and proactive support for people with complex needs within our supported living arrangements and the wider community environments.

We recognise that to achieve these objectives we must make efficient utilisation of our resources and maintain a proper and reasonable balance among our obligations to our various stakeholders, including our service users and their families/significant others, purchasers/commissioners, employees and the community at large. These obligations include:

With respect to our service users:

  • Deliver services which promote the physical, emotional and mental well-being of individuals
  • Deliver services which promote and enable the best outcomes for individuals
  • Deliver services which promote choice, competence, dignity and self-determination.
  • Deliver care and support in the natural setting that best matches individual needs and preferences and promotes community presence and participation.
  • Deliver services that are personalised and responsive to address the unique and changing strengths, needs and goals of each individual person we support.

With respect to our employees:

  • Provide statutory and service led training and supervision to enable everyone to successfully perform all aspects of their work.
  • Provide training, supervision and mentorship to enhance career opportunities.
  • Create a participative environment for setting goals, seeking their input, and encouraging individual responsibility and accountability.
  • Satisfy their individual needs for recognition, rewards, self-esteem and personal growth.

With respect to our Communities:

  • Conduct our operations in an ethical manner.
  • Deliver services that help address identified community needs in health and social services.
  • Promote a neighbourhood and community pride in their understanding and support of people with disabilities and complex needs.

Underpinning this we aim to ensure that we promote and enable a culture of openness and transparency.

Needs for all - 359 500USD

  • Come - 10870
  • Done - 7870
  • Work for free
  • Need - 338700
Needs for stage I - 46 000
Stage II - 115 000
Stage III - 200 000

Needs for Stage I - 46 000USD

  • Come - 20870
  • Done - 10870
  • Work for free
  • Need - 25000
Buy land - 3000
Make a sewer, conduct water
Make a shower, toilet
House renovation

Praying for a miracle.

Honestly, right now, it seems almost impossible for us to achieve our goal.

But we know, that with God all things are possible!

We firmly believe, that we should rescue the kids of the fate of living in big institutions, with much suffering and abuse, and no chance of life, except living in rooms, doing nothing, and just quietly expecting their death.

Our orphans, that we affectionately call “kids”, even though some of them are turning 30, deserve so much more!

We pray, that all of this could be possible and ask for your help.

We found some volunteers for the project now – designer, architect, God has given us land, and we believe, that God will provide the rest.

Each contribution will help us move one step closer to our goal.

We ask you to pray with us, to fast with us, to tell others about this project, and to support us in this project!

If you would like to help financially:     

  1. Through credit card/paypal:

Follow the link to our Paypal’s account, and enter any sum of your choosing.


2. Through check:

Friends of Ukraine Attn: Dan Yeomans 977 Ada Place Dr. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Phone: 616.954.2000

*Note, that FOU donations are tax deductible.(Offer taxes benefit).

Please know, that we always provide you with reports on how the finances and help was used.

Please, drop us a line after your donation, so that we could faster claim the funds!

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