Orphanage in Zaluchye

Zaluchchya orphanage in located in the distance of 500 km from Kyiv, in a small village Zaluchchya-Dolyshne, Sniatyn region, Ivano-Frankivsk area.

There was Mr. Henrih who lived in 1939 in Zaluchchya-Dolychne. Then he was deported to Siberia by Soviet government. An orphanage was founded in his mansion.

130 children with different physical and mental defections of the IV severity level live in the orphanage. Children need nursing care, domestic and medical care.

Some citizens of the orphanage are shut-in who don’t see and know anything in the World except their beds. People live in such conditions because there is no proper rehabilitation program, proper medical assistance, medical specialists and financing. Children usually live with atrophied muscles because nobody develops them from their childhood. 

Zaluchchya orphanage is one of the most complicated in Western Ukraine. Here are children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Dawn Syndrome, Epilepsy.  Unfortunately, there’s not enough funds which are allotted by the government for the needs of all patients.

That is why Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists “Almaz” and Foundation “Friends of Ukraine” decided to get to know about the needs of the Zaluchchya orphanage, and to do everything we can to help it’s children. 

The orphanage’s director says that tries to take care first of all about the children. However, the building where children live still needs to be repaired. Due to sponsors funds a lot of work was already made – some rooms are repaired, mostly in every block there is a bathroom.  Though there’s still the lack of medicine, personal supplies and proper nutrition. 

According to the words of Zaluchchya orphanage staff most of children hardly reach 35 years. The hard truth is that the orphanage for most of the patients is the last stair-step in their life way. They don’t know parents’ love, friends’ support. The only thing they have is not very generous help of the state authorities, and some support of those who are carried by their kind heart and try to make children’s life better. 

Sometimes children are brought to Zaluchchya orphanage in such hard condition that the staff is surprised how this child survived during the way to the orphanage. Nevertheless, the personnel is ready to fight to the end for the life of such children. Together we have much more power to bring the life of children with disabilities to the new level. 

Foundation “Friends of Ukraine” together with the Church “Almaz” with the support of our partners organizes outreaches of volunteers to Zaluchchya orphanage, makes Dentistry projects, supplies 8 children with special nutrition Peptomen which helps children to raise the level of their living activity, helps to receive different equipment such as wheelchairs etc, helps to diagnose children’s health.  

Our aim is to make provision on the work of a rehabilitation, to start hippotherapy, to repair the rooms on the first floor including dividing bathrooms from the main part of the room, to help children and youth to sell their hand-made goods, to help the orphanage in fulfilling such daily needs as diapers etc.

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