Outreaches To The Orphanages


Where do we go

Volonteers from Almaz church visit three orphinages for children with disability reguralry:

  • Orphinage in Znamenka (Kropivnitskyi region)
  • Orphinage in Zaluchcha (Ivano-Frankovskiy region)
  • Orphinage in Romanov (Zhytomyr region)

In each orphinage lives about 100 children

What do we do during outreaches

We become friends with children, tell them Gospel, bring them small presents, and try to show them that there is somebody in this World who care about them.

We attract finances, and bring in every trip necessary to the orphans things in their everyday needs.

Usually the program of our outreaches include the following:

  •  Communication with children
  •  Games
  •  Culinary, creative workshops
  •  Bible studies
  •  Bible stories telling and drama performance
  •  Worship songs
  •  Praying
  •  Communication with personal and administration

Care about personal in the orphanages

We sincerely believe that we need to care not only about children in the orphanages, but also

about the staff who work there. After we leave the orphanage, staff stays there with the children 24/7. This work is very challenging and exhausting, however it is paid very small. If workers in the orphanages are motivated and feel that their work is valuable, they care about children better.

Every time we visit an orphanage we try to do something pleasant for the staff, even if it is just sweets and tea, just listening to their stories. Furthermore, we try to share Gospel with them.

Tanya asks about the needs of the orphanage


“Happy Bus” Project

In addition to all written above, one of the main needs children in the orphanages have – care and love – could be satisfied by means of more often visits of volunteers, especially Christians. All orphanages, which are in the guardianship of the “Friends of Ukraine” Foundation, are located rather far from Kyiv (Zaluchchia – 540 km, Znamenka – 300 km, Romanov – 300 km). Dependence on the public transport makes often visits of volunteers to the orphanages harder. Furthermore, it becomes impossible to take large equipment and presents to the orphanages.

That is why the Foundation has developed such a project as “Happy Bus”. Buying a bus will help volunteers to come more often to the orphanages.

More about the project here

Trip to Romanov 19.10.2018


One of the main things children in orphanages need, especially children with disabilities, is care and love. Of course, the staff cares about children a lot, but the ratio of the tutors to children who need help in their everyday needs is around 1:15. Children need tenderness, care and communication. All this they can receive from volunteers. The more volunteers come to the orphanage, the more care they can receive from children.

It is especially wonderful time when volunteers can spend 2 or more days in an orphanage.

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