My name is Maryana

My name is Maryana.


I was born in 2011 as a full orphan.

I spend all my time in the orphanage.

My story is special. Because, without a doubt, #alllivesmatter I started receiving special nutrition Nestle Peptamen as part of a program of foundation “Friends of Ukraine”, when I was 6 years old. At the time, I was tiny, couldn’t sit up, and was crying a lot.

My diagnosis are: deep mental retardation, tetraparesis of a residual organic origin with a gait disorder and limb function, severe cognitive impairment.

In less than a year, that I started receiving Peptamen, she gained weight from 9 to 17 kg, grew by 7 cm.

My behavior has changed dramatically, from crying, prickly baby, to this beloved by all kid. But this can’t be the end of my story.

I need to be adopted, to someone to take me into their home and call their own.

I spend days in my crib, locked up, which stops my growth and evolving.

With love and care at home I would certainly flourish.

Where are you, my family?