My name is Ivanna


My name is Ivanna.

I was born on February 22, 2010 in a tiny town in Western Ukraine.

I am a full orphan.

The only diagnosis, that I got by doctors here – “anomaly in the nervous system development” and “heavily retarded”. I was written off as a hopeless case.

I live in the orphanage, surrounded by kids with special needs in a room with 7 others. Because the orphanage is severely understaffed, I spend most of the days in my crib.

There are orphans here, who have spend 20, 30 years in those walls, in those cribs. I want so much to get out, to walk and crawl and hug and learn. You can see, how much fun I can have when someone visits me. But this seldom happens.

I have been receiving special nutrition Peptamen, however, now, I need someone to teach me, to spend time with me, before i start fading aways. More than anything, I dream of a family.

Can you please pray for me?