In Loving Memory Of Bogdan

Our beloved boy Bogdan, that we prayed could be adopted some day, always full of laughter and smiles, and asking for a candy, so cheerful, died this winter.

As all our orphans, he had major problems with his health, and a trivial disease, that a healthy person could withstand with no problem, killed him in 24 hours. He was taken into the hospital and died there the next day.

Bogdan was a very loving child and deserves our tears.

We are missing him terribly, but believe, that he is with our Heavenly Father, and we will see him one day again.

IN a place, where there will be no more tears.

Bogdan’s death reminds us, how important its for us to search for parents, to share Gospel with the kids we can, and provide for them in ways possible.
We continue fundraising for sanitizers and masks for our orphanages.

That’s the way Bogdan will be in my memory always – always smiling, always very kind and desperate for love, in his fragile body.