Missionaries in Slavutich


Two families of missionaries have dedicated themselves to this town in rural northern Ukraine, where people are pretty poor and discouraged, without any hope in this life or the next.

We have done

In 2016 we supported the project and sent a missionary to a small town of Slavutych. The population of the town is 38.000 people. It is located in the North part of Ukraine. It is 3 hours drive from Kyiv. The city is 27 years old. It was built in the woods after the explosion of the Chorn

obyl power plant for the refugees from the contaminated zone.

People who live there experienced a great tragedy and still suffer the consequences. They live without God and they are totally disappointed in life. They do not trust government or any other promises of European Union to help them overcome their tragedy both economical and emotional.

For us it is time to plant a local evangelical church, preach there the Gospel of Jesus and make disciples.

Our missionaries are Alexander and his wife Marina. They have three kids.
And one of them was born in Slavutych. We are grateful to God for these people and for their decision to change their entire life and move to a different place. It is very unusual for our culture. Especially when you move to a place with much worse economy.

Now the missionaries learn to live in this city. They meet people, families, teenagers and children. Since people here are very poor and agrees since we do a lot of work providing some humanitarian aid, providing medical care and visiting ill. We want them to see that God had not left them and He can send His children to help.

Another family of missionaries there – Kushpil- as of now, they don’t have regular support from the church. This family, from Kyiv originally, dropped their comfortable life here and went to live and share Gospel in Slavutich.


Missionaries. The Kushpils to the right


Teen’s club

Present Situation

In 2017-2018 we rented a facility to have regular meetings with people in Slavutych:

– children’s club

–  Teen’s club

–  Married couples meetings

–  Bible study for people from 16 to 45 years old.

–  Counseling meetings for emotional crisis management and suicide prevention

–  Sunday service

There are already 80 people who are interested to continuo deep fellowship and friendship with our missionaries.

Almaz church organizes a 2-day mission trips of team of volunteers to come and support the growing ministry there. Those trips cost money – road, lodging, and there are people, that would want to go, but lack of funds is stopping them.

What we need

This is the information about the greatest need in this ministry:

A month

A year

Existing Support Month/year

Amount needed a year


Facility rent

400 $

4800 $

100/1200 $

3600 $


Support for the family of missionaries

900-1100 $


500/6000 $

4800-7200 $


Helping people in need and non believers

300 $ -500 $

3600 – 6000 $

300/3600 $

2400 $

Total for year:

13 200 $

Become part of our work:

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