Help For Maryana

Help bring mother Maryana home to her family.

My name is Maryana.

I’m from Ukraine. I have a wonderful family-husband and son, who is 5 years old.

I worked as a nurse for many years.
Today I can’t work, I can’t take care of the child and I spend almost all my time in the hospital, which doesn’t allow me to be with my family …

I started to get seriously sick from the age of 16, and mostly, the doctors of Ukraine could not treat me properly. They tried to find the cause of the disease, but they did not succeed. And over 10 years, the state of my body has worsened.

I started having problems with various systems of the body — the kidneys, heart, brain, and problems with the endocrine system. Also, I had constant fever (up to 103′). I am intensively treated and diagnosed, but this does not bring the desired result, but rather worsens my condition.

Over the past 2 years, I spent over 17 months in the hospital. I have to take more than 30 different pills per day just to keep on living.
Doctors of Ukraine have done everything possible to diagnose, which can be done in Ukraine. But they cannot understand my sickness (in Ukraine there are no certain diagnostic possibilities) and give me the correct diagnosis with treatment that will stop the progression of the disease.

Ukrainian doctors are sure that I have an autoimmune disease, which leads to such consequences. Unfortunately, Ukraine does not have sufficient capabilities to diagnose such diseases. Therefore, Ukrainian doctors are very pleased to send me to the countries where I can get properly diagnosed as soon as possible.

We found hospitals in Germany that can and are ready to diagnose me and make the correct diagnosis. They are also ready to provide the correct treatment regimens for me, which I will continue to receive in Ukraine tpp.

Preliminary for the diagnosis in Germany I need $35000. This amount includes diagnosis and hospital stay for the duration of the diagnosis.

My family is not able to cover such a sum of money. Large sums were already spend to treat complications of the disease. And we are not able to collect the required amount. But I believe that the Lord can help us collect, by moving the hearts of people.

I beg you to help me be a mother for my child, who can take care of her son, and a wife for her husband.

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Excerpt from medical card

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