Christmas celebrations in the orphanages

Christmas in Zaluchya

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration and a new hope, and we are so thankful to have special time at the orphanages we visit.

We try to make Christmas celebration about time and attention, friendship and mentorship, prayer and the Good News.

This year, thanks to support of Life2Orphans, Inc we had more finances for our Christmas celebrations. (our volunteers pay for their road and stay expenses during our trips, so any additional finances for the trip is a huge blessing that can be used to do something special for the kids.)

The first group of children prepares pizza

We had a pizza master class for three different groups.
The kids were so happy to actually do something themselves, to learn how to do something on their own.

The second group of children prepares pizza

Nadia helps Volodya and tells others

A third group of children prepares pizza

Nadia helps Darinka hold her spoon

We had picture frame masterclass, its important for kids to know, how they look like, and also fun to do something pretty with your hands.

Andriy, Tanya and Alesia prepare crafts for children

Craft making process

Craft making process

Joy after work

Joy after work

Joy after work

Sunday Christmas program

ALso, we had Sunday Christmas program. And, at night, we watched Christmas movie on a projector on a big screen, the kids were so veyr happy about it!

We were blessed of buying a projector for that orphanage.
It turns dark pretty early in the winter there, most of the staff goes home by 16-00, and the kids don’t have anything to do. We feli like, if they could gather together and watch good cartoons and movies like discovery it would be very beneficial for them.

We showed them a storm, for example, in the sea, and they were excited to see that.And give this as a Christmas present to the orphanage.

We have joyous atmosphere on all our trips, but not always we have, a chance to make a video of the trip.

We are so thankful to our volunteer video operator, that blessed us with this video to remember the trip.

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