Windows Needed!

Windows Needed!

The principle of Znamyanka orphanage has great desire to take care of his employees and the administrative workers of the orphanage.
Principle Valko Tetyana Ivanivna wishes to recondition an old building at the territory of the orphanage. At the moment it is not used and isn’t in a usable condition.

The employees have already plastered the walls on their own.
At the moment it needs replacement of old windows.

There are total of 15 windows. They are pretty big and the orphanage can’t afford them at all.

2 of the 15 were already sponsored.

13 windows to go.

8 of them are one shape and 5 are another.

The cost of one window is apx. 2182 UAH ($90).

Another 600 UAH ($25) is the cost of the replacement/installment works for one window, which would be around 2800 UAH ($115) for each window purchase and installment.

500 UAH would be the delivery cost for all windows.

We know this orphanage and it’s principle since 2008. We love the children very much and respect the orphanage employees since we know how much physical work they do and most of all see their love towards the children.

Let’s participate in this good deed for our Lord and help the principle show some care for her team.

We wish you all peace and hope for your prayers!

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