Meet Volodya

Meet Volodya

Volodya is a very smart and kindest boy, living in an orphange in Zaluchchya.

His mother abandonded him, when he was 14.

He has cerebral palsy, but is unbelievable kind and very intelligent.

On this video you can see, how, among all the children in the room, on his own, Volodya turns on his smartphone and listens to Bible online.
He understands a lot more, than kids there, and it’s our dream to get him out of the orphanage.

On this video, you can hear him talking about himself. His love for others, especially for one of our volunteers, is very clear.

If Volodya was to be adopted, he would have completely different opportunities in USA.

His time for international adoptions is running out, though.

He needs a family who has  USCIS approval for his age and needs already or a family who can complete this form before his birthday: in November.

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