Meet Gyigoryi

Meet Gyigoryi

Grisha was born on February 7, 2008 in the Lviv region. Full orphan. For 5 years he has been living in an orphanage in Zaluchchya, Ivano-Frankivsk region.
The official diagnosis is Arnold Malformation – Chiari. In patients with Arnold-Chiari anomaly, the tonsils of the cerebellum are displaced in the first and the second cervical vertebrae, blocking the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.
One of the side effects of the diagnosis is the development of syringomyelia. Syringomyelia is a chronic progressive disease of the nervous system in which cavities form in the spinal cord.
Which provoked very fragile bones in this boy. There were a lot of leg fractures, as a result of the fact that Grisha is very active, and his body is so fragile.

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  1. Darrell Curren

    Please let me know how I can help Gyigoryi
    Grisha in Zaluchchya

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