Art-Studio for orphans

“Art Studio” project started!

Foundation NGO “Friends of Ukraine” and Almaz Church joined efforts to build bridges and connections with children, located in the Kiev Center Number 1 for “Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for orphans and children” deprived of parental care.

The team of teachers- volunteers,  will include certified with diplomas architects, designers, and artists.

The goal of this project is to get to know children better, help acquire specific skills in a future profession, and help to enter higher educational institutions. Younger children will develop via those courses color perception thinking, fine motor skills. We are creating a learning platform that will help them in choosing their future profession. Please support our team in prayer during preparation and work.

We will be grateful for financial and other material assistance in the form of:
– paints
– easels
– tablets for drawing,
– brushes,
– oil pastels,
– pencils
– a lot of paper of various sizes and weights!

About $ 200 is needed to buy some necessary equipment. Donations qualify as donations to an organization 501 (c) (3), which gives US tax benefits.

Why is this a valuable project?

– Children who are currently deprived of a goal in life are wasting their life away at the center. The project will help them acquire a useful hobby, which can give impetus to the acquisition of a profession.

– For older teens – the opportunity to earn money already now

– Children who have experienced severe disillusionment with life have a sense of abandonment and uselessness – this is a chance to get mentors, mentors among people who are more than classified boarding school workers, who will have desire and time to invest in them.

– This is an opportunity for teachers-volunteers to make friends with children with the further goal of adoption, guardianship or mentoring.

You can read more about the crafts club here:

We already have a similar successful project on organizing IT courses for children.

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