Why we do what we do?

Why we do what we do?

Dear friends!

Yesterday we had a very warm meeting with coffee, laughter, prayer, testimonies, dedication and re-dedication.

We had a small group, but since we would like to get together more often, we decided to plan the next such meeting)

Our next planning meeting for Znamenka orphanage will be on October 22, 19:30.
To summarize the work done, pray, discuss the latest trip.

So, make plans, our friends, to attend our meetings.

We talked a lot about dedication, why we do what we do.

Some answers from participants:
– In order to fulfill God’s command to be with orphans in their sorrows – James 1:27 – Pure and immaculate piety before God and the Father is to look upon orphans and widows in their sorrows and to keep yourself undefiled from the world.
– to fulfill my calling
– to serve with my gifts where God leads
– because I really love children, especially orphans
– because they melt my petrified heart
– because I love specific orphans
– because I want to see the results of a changed life
– because I want to bring the child out of suffering
– because I want to help my child find a family
– because I want to share Gospel with all the children

What is your answer?)

Also, we want to recommend you to watch the video recorded on the train in funny conditions, but with people who have a warm heart for God and orphans).

You can become part of what we do, in many ways:
– go on a trips with us
– share information
– pray for us
– tell others
– support us financially.

If you do one of those things, it’s the same, as you were standing right there with us, sharing Gospel or giving much needed medicine to a child, hugging a child or assisting in adoption.

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