News from IT courses for orphans 22.05.19

News from IT courses for orphans 22.05.2019

Dear Friends,

Our church Almaz and foundation “Friends of Ukraine”, as you know, has started taking special care of a transit orphanage in one of the Kyiv districts.
Our volunteers come there to do different things – paint the walls, teach IT courses, just play, talk and have fun.

We also hope to open arts and crafts class there soon.
One of the main goals of those visits is to form mentorship ties, with hopes of taking the kids in our families, or just playing significant role in their profession orientation, life skills, etc.

We have a dream of taking 10 of those abandoned kids, and bring them to our summer camp “Crossroads”, that our church is organizing.

The cost of the camp stay – is $200 per kid for 11 days.

We think, that camp could be a very important step in their socialization, to share Gospel with them, to make church families love them more.

But it would be impossible without your prayers and support.

If you would like to help finance this activity, please, follow the link…

In the donation purpose, write please “orphans in camp”

Thank you!

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