GingerBread Cookies Class in Orphanage

Dear Friends,

In November 2018 our team was blessed to have an unforgettable two days in the Zaluchchya orphanage.

The trip there is long, but we were so overjoyed to check up on how our kids our doing, check how are they faring, see the staff and volunteers that cares for them on regular basis.

Every trip we try to spend time usefully with kids, having soul-to-soul conversations, helping them in their everyday lives, praying, sharing Bible, going outside to have fun, etc.

We reserve a kiss and hug to every child, and are happy to be God’s hands and embrace for them.

This trip we were happy to have a master class to decorate gingerbread cookies with our children.

I was so happy to see new friendships created. Here, at “Friends of Ukraine”, we dream that every child will either have a family, or, at least special someone to care for them, remember, participate in their lives for years to come.
Thank you to everyone, who volunteered their time and money to go, and to all our partners, that support the kids with medicine, Peptamen, volunteer help and many other things. This is our Christmas miracle.

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