February 2018 trip to the nursing home in Kamen.

We had one of our monthly mission trips to the nursing home.

This time, only a small group of people were able to come, but, nonetheless our visit was very fruitful.
God really blessed the trip.
As usual, our visit started with all the widows and widowers, that are able to move, gathering in the biggest auditorium, where we had a general meeting. Like a service 🙂

We had a great time of fellowship. Sasha, one of our brothers, read to them the Scripture – the first five chapters of the First John. After that, we tried to talk, using real life situations, what does it mean to love your neighbour. We shared our examples, examples in our life.

It’s nice to see, that the elderly open themselves up more and more to us, that we have connections and better understanding of their lives now, and they – more trust in us.

Sasha, when he preached, could name them all by their names, and spoke their language, with examples, what does it mean in their case to love your close one, how to fulfill this, what’s written in the Bible? An example would be to live in peace with people in their room, to help others in nursing home, etc.

The elderly were already waiting for us in the common room, when we arrived, because they knew, we were coming.

We were pleasently surprised to see Bibles, both full versions and children’s Bibles in rooms, where the elderly are apparently reading them.

After the general meeting we have lunch, and then we divide and go around rooms, visiting elderly in their rooms for deeper, more personal conversations. This is the time for personal testimonies.
Also we try to spend time with all of those, who can’t walk.

We were grateful how open everyone was, that we had time to talk to, pray with, read the Scripture together.


I had an interesting conversation with Nadya. This very educated old lady, was one of the few, who always said, that she doesn’t believe in God at all.
However, she had a severe crises recently, when Kolya died, Kolya was her childhood sweetheart, by unexpected twist of life ended up in the same nursing home, as she did, 50 years since they say each other. And, of course, his death left her devastated. However, I talked with her, and asked her – “You always said before, that you don’t believe in God. What about now?”

And Nadya looked at me and said – “You know what? Now I think I do. You know what changed? While I was mourning for Kolya I did a lot of thinking, and I know I can’t think about life and death and God the same way, as before.”
Of course, it’s not yet the real faith, but, the changes are there in her thinking, and the seeds were planted and growing, hopefully.

It was nice, that the elderly asked about all the people, that usually come, and couldn’t come this time. They remember us and wait for us.

We also met a “new” grandmother, who recently started living there.
Her name is Matrena.
We took turns praying, it seems, that she already believes, that she needs a Saviour, admits, that she is a sinner, and that God can save her.

Also, our friends from United States send special gifts to our widows. One friend sent glasses, and we gave to those, who needed.

And another group has send warm hats.

I wish you could see, how thankful they were, but I am glad, we could be an instrument of your’s and God’s care for them.

Thank God for this trip!

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