Professor O. Korolkov examines the children from Zaluchia orphanage

Friends of Ukraine celebrated Christmas today in a very unique way.

We travelled with kids from Zaluchchia orphanage to Lviv to see a doctor, who examined the kids and offered consultations on what kind of surgical help they need.
Doctor Oleksandr Korolkov is willing to operate our kids for free, however, there are some things we need to consider.

After the surgery kids need intensive physical therapy, otherwise, the surgery can only hurt them.

What’s next?

Overall the plan is the following:
– Operate
– 2-3 weeks so that the body can heal a bit
– 3-4 weeks at the physical therapy center with intensive therapy
– and, months of regular therapy, the kids need to get right exercise and massages every day for at least an hour. So, we would need to hire a physical therapist specifically for this need, to take care of our “after-surgery” kids.
The orphanage can’t provide them with adequate therapy (not enough workers for the amount of kids, that need. Usually, children’s “turn” comes only like for a week once in 4 months.

The result?

The doctor believes, according to his practice, that many of those kids should be able to walk in 9-12 months.
Won’t it be an amazing change for them?

Pictures from today

It’s been a long trip for kids.
They woke up at 4 AM and travelled by bus to Lviv.
There, they had to wait for their turn to be examined.
Examinations, than some pizza – and, we are travelling back to the orphanage.

How to help?

We will need to gather $2500 to provide the physical therapy for each kid specifically over the course of nine months (this includes medicine, rehabilitation stay, physical therapist worker, etc).

We can’t commit to surgery before we find the needed support.
Three ways you can help.
1. Pray.
With God all things are possible.
2. Share the information.
You may not be able to help, but you don’t know, which of your friends can.

3. Help Financially

Through PayPal/Credit Card – Follow this LINK. – State the Donation Purpose as “Ministry to the orphans, that need rehabilitation.” *Please note, that FOU donations are tax deductible.(Offer taxes benefit).

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