Orphans are taught their way around kitchen

Opening of the new building in Romanov

Thanks to the support of our partners and friends, we were able to partially sponsor the building and equipment of new classrooms for the orphanage in Romanov, Zhytomir region.

The new building was meant to have three classes – the self-equipment class, the carpentry class, and potter class.

The self-equipment class
In this class, a group of volunteers comes and teaches the children, how to use household appliances – washing machine, all kitchen appliances – for them to learn how to cook and care for themselves to become more independent, to have another possible shot to change their live.
What patience and love the volunteers need, but the reward is so sweet.

The future

At the moment, all is ready for the carpentry class, the orphanage is searching for the teacher. The pottery and carpentry rooms are used at the moment to teach the children to make crafts and do different exercises to help them prepare for other activities.

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