Household appliances were bought for Kamen retirement home

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Missionary trip to Kamen

The last trip (on August 28th) to the nursing home brought another opportunity to serve our old people with the Scripture and with some much needed help. Each of these trips and meetings is a reminder of the mercy of God, that the Lord preserves the lives and health of the elderly, “Lord is longsuffering towards us, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”.
The participants of the mercy ministry have decided to dedicate more time towards those, depended on us in the nursing home, using different ways and methods. One of these methods is to increase the number of visits to the old people, so that we can see them more often, pray more and tell them the gospel truths, affecting the hearts.

Communication and evangelism.

Most of the communication involves us patiently listening, sympathizing, trying to understand. In the process, people become more open to communication, asking questions, that interest them.  This trip, we enjoyed reading and reflecting on what the Bible says about old age and life after death. The result of the group’s communication and discussions was a series of questions about God’s providence regarding the gentiles and some episodes from the life of Solomon. During personal communication, I was able to ask important questions about personal faith and listen carefully to their answers. The elderly gentelmen Ivan, Michael and Anatoly (from left to right) are always very happy to see us. They are open and eager to talk, they share stories from their life. At each meeting we read the Bible. They are always open to this.
With Victor (a disabled person in a wheelchair), the building of relationship process is very slow and cautious. We have to thread very, very carefully. He begun attending general spiritual meetings a long time ago, but the biblical truths were of little interest to him. He needs communication. Other people do not show interest in maintaing  relationship with him because of his temper. They respond to him in a bad way. After we started playing chess with him during the trips (several brothers and one sister), he became more open to us and to what we say. This trip we managed to continue building bridges.

How we were able to help?

In addition, the church reacted to a number of household needs and purchased the necessary household appliances: a gas stove, a drying machine, a dishwasher, an industrial stove, used for cooking food in large volumes. We also gave instruction on how to exploit them.

What should we pray for?

1. For repentance of old men and women and sincere conversion to God.

2. About the team. From time to time a group of volunteers experiences a shortage of musicians and evangelists in our group.

3. About the future plans to organize a visit by our older people of the church “Almaz” in Kiev.

4. On the implementation of plans to help shelter to do repairs and renovation of the  older buildings.

How to help the retirement home Kamen.

1. Pray. Every good intention to help others, every trip of the ministry of mercy will not be possible and will not be effective to the full extent without the humbled trust, that can be expressed in prayer. Jesus said, “No one is good, except God alone” (Lk. 18: 19). There is a constant spiritual need for us to have a kind and merciful heart that can only be received from God.

2. Become part of the team. “Follow Me” (Luke 5:27) were the words the Christ said, who calls us to join the ranks of His disciples and follow Him to help those, who need Him. In order to do this, it is crucial to have a heart that loves Jesus.

3. Participate, helping with material things. The Ministry of Mercy tries to fulfill the words of the Lord: “to do good” (Luke 6:35), responding to the people’s pressing needs for food, clothing, hygiene products, medicines, and various economic issues.

4. Share information with friends. You will become a part of the ministry if you pass this information on to your friends and to people, who may be interested in the service of mercy, resembling those, cited as  “the rumor about Him spread to all the surrounding places” (Luke 4:37).

5. Participate financially. The Bible teaches us that “money is the answer for everything” (Ecclesiastes 10:19) and a number of questions can not be solved without financial participation. The very life and ministry of Christ shows that Jesus took the zeal of people who “served Him with His own” (Luke 8: 3). Participate financially in several ways:

  • Donate in Ukraine 1) Transfer through PrivatBank. (Donate in Ukraine). Transfer to the card number: 6762 4626 1937 5444 2) Donate by giving cash at the branch of PrivatBank: you need to specify the account number : 6762 4626 1937 5444. It is also possible to donate via the terminal using the same card number. 3) Cash replenishment in other Ukrainian banks (it is important to specify the following payment purpose, otherwise there is no guarantee that the funds will be transferred correctly).
  • Through PayPal/Credit Card
    Step 1. Follow this <a href=”″>LINK</a>.
    Step 2. State the Donation Purpose as “Ministry to the retirement home.”
    Step 3. If wish, send us the note, to follow through, if you want to donate to specific project.
  • If you decide to send a check, you can use this address:</b><br />Friends of Ukraine
    Attn: Dan Yeomans
    977 Ada Place Dr. SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
    Phone: 616.954.2000State the Donation Purpose as “Ministry to the retirement home.
  • *Please note, that FOU donations are tax deductible.(Offer taxes benefit).

About Author: Valentin Ivanov

Coordinator of the mercy ministry in church "Almaz" For the retirement home in Kamen, Zhytomir region, Ukraine.

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