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Trip to Zaluchie on August 11th, 2017

I would like to share the latest news about the trip to the orphanage in Zaluchie town. We had a team of two volunteers, who were available to come this time. Our trip had a few main goals on our mind, and we wanted to share, what happened.

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Since its pretty hot, we have found all the healthiest kids outside. However, because the corridors are being refurnished, most of the kids had to stay inside, to avoid getting through construction dirt. This should last a few days, but the kids will get much nicer corridors and main hall as a result.

[blockquote]The kids were so happy to see us. They would come up to us all the time asking to hold and hug them. They do not get enough love and touch.[/blockquote]

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Kids, who get special nourishment “Peptamen”

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We always try to spend more time with the most needy kids who stay in bed all their life. The doctor explained that all the kids who get Peptamen formula feel much better, gain wait and cry less. We watched the nurses feed these kids, and fed some kids ourselves.
We have some good, and some very sad news about our kids.
Mostly we have found our kids in good health, some of them improved. Antoniuk Mariana, who was born on 12.11.2011, diagnosed with severe mental retardation, tetraparesis of residual-organic genesis with damage to manner of walking and limbs functions and significant cognitive deficiency is clearly doing so much better. You can see some of the pictures we have of her, before she started taking Peptamen, after a few months, and now, almost a year later. Mariana is a full orphan.

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Sharing of Gospel with Kids

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Sharing of Gospel to the orphans

We were able to share Gospel with three kids. We know, that they have weekly Bible reading lessons, with ministers, that come. And, it was interesting, that, on one hand, kids did have knowledge of Bible, such as stories about Noah, on another hand, they had trouble remembering, who is Jesus Christ, let alone, what he did. We were just happy to share with the kids the news of salvation, what hope this gives to us and our lives, and then, talk more about their faith. Guy on the picture, he is 20 years old, and, he was very surprized, that he can just “pray to the Lord with his own words”, without prayer, he was pretty nervous, but excited, and our hearts melted, when we heard his prayer.

Adoption in the Orphanage

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An interesting fact and good news! This year there was a miracle in the orphanage! A child custody was done and a few children will be taken from the orphanage to the family. For the whole history of the orphanage it is the first case for an adoption since late eighties.
Two children, that are being adopted – are Dima and Dasha. You can read more about them here.
And another girl, who is being adopted, is Marianna. For the last year she has been receiving special nourishment Peptamen, and has become a lot better.

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We have also checked, how are the supplies doing, that we previously donated to the orphanage. With the help of its partners, Almaz has donated two fridges and a freezing camera, to store milk and meat, paid for swimming pool reconstruction and medical laboratory for blood testing (for the last two, funds were provided by Our Lady Queen of Peace Church). All this is still in the orphanage, and actively used.

Thank you for your care and worrying about the kids who suffer the most. Due to your donations we have brought to the orphanage 80 cans of specialized meal called Peptamen. It will help to feed 5 kids for the whole month. A senior nurse was very happy that we brought such a present, because she knows how the kids need those microelements which every can of Peptamon contains.

Thank you for praying and taking care about these kids. Your help is very important for them!
«Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow». Isaiah 1:17

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