Dima and Dasha are being adopted

Dasha and Dima are being adopted!

Church Almaz has been visiting the orphanage in Zaluchie for a while now. It hosts more than 120 children, most with severe disabilities. God gave us a meeting and friendship with many great children. However, there are two children, that touched our heart in very special way. We have prayed for them for a long time now.


Dima is 14 years old this July, but he looks much younger. He is cheerful, open-hearted and friendly. He likes to do something by his own hands, especially the handicrafts. We became friends with him while folding the puzzle.
He hardly moves, mostly crawling on his heels, because it is easier for him. He walks only with help of the other people. While we were at the orphanage, nurses did physical therapy with him as well as the exercises which Dima has to do to strengthen his spine.
Dima diligently and happily did everything that he was offered to him by our team. We were concerned that he would not be able to do the therapy elements on his own, and the staff have not enough time for every kid. Staff says that regular exercises and training would correct the movement of his muscles and help Dima to walk on his own.
Dima clearly speaks, and he has many friends. He is friendly to the other children and is helping them as much as he can.


This girl has become very dear to our heart. She is sweet, kind and open. She will be 12 years old. The diagnosis – cerebral palsy. She can’t walk. She controls her arms with a great difficulty, but she is trying very hard. She is being bound to a wheelchair by the tights to keep her from falling. The large gray eyes are looking at you and you may see a lot of understanding and pain in them. But all these feelings are hidden under the smile and the joy of this moment. Dasha loves guests and communication.

She lives in a room with three other girls and two boys who do not move. She is a friend to all the children and the staff loves her a lot. When we walked through the rooms, handing out candy, Dasha was with us and helped us. It is amazing how a girl with a cerebral palsy unwrapped the candy and gave them to the bedridden kids. She also tried to nurse the smaller ones … The tears appeared on my eyes. Her great loving heart impressed me so much. We spent a lot of time together. She especially liked when I rode her in a wheelchair. We picked up the speed, then abruptly turned, then went back and forth. She was happily laughing.

For Dasha it is difficult to eat on her own, and in this is where she needs help. It is difficult for her to control her hands. But when I nursed a boy in bed, she wanted to assist me. So we took a spoon to the baby’s mouth. She was glad that she could help and serve the others.

It is amazing how a girl with a cerebral palsy unwrapped the candy and gave them to those, who couldn’t.

The adoption news

And we have some very amazing news. Dasha and Dima are about to be adopted!
Many people helped share information about those children, and two families have been especially touched by their stories.
Dima is aboutt to be adopted by a family, that already has 8 children of their own. They are in the final stages of adoption and you can read more about them here
Dasha’s future family has just started the process of the adoption. You can help and learn more about their case by following this link. We pray, that all will work out too for them.

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